This course brings you all the fundamentals about Complex Adaptive Systems, how to recognize them and how to learn from them, and about Cynefin, what practices to use in each context.

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Trainer: Hugo Lourenço


More often than not, what is seen is that what works in normal times does not work in a crisis. A different action and way of thinking are necessary when decision-makers are trying to navigate through both complexity and chaos when compared to complicated and clear contexts.

Most organizations are well known in the business world to be complex, adaptative systems where needs and requirements entangle with identities, cultural practices, personal preferences and values, challenging and interpreting even the most strict rules and procedures to produce unpredictable results.

In the absence of a contingency plan, resources must be allocated and processes redesigned to empower the emergence of small, informal teams and networks that will help people make sense of the new, changing landscape. The true challenge is determining when and what changes should be made in a company to become more responsive in an ever-changing landscape.


This course is designed for decision makers who wish to have better results for their organizations in the XXI century.


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 FRAMEWORK-NEUTRAL Explore beyond the limitations of a single agile framework

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This course will bring insights about the different contexts that organization live, and what to learn from them when searching for good practices of work, and what tools can work the best and make an organization more effective in each context.

With this, you can search for better and more effective solutions for your teams, and can provide a good orientation for next steps.


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