Books from our Shelf to a Better Workplace


The Age of Agile

by Steve Denning

An unstoppable business revolution is under way - and it is Agile. Companies that embrace Agile Management learn to connect everyone and everything . . . all the time. They can deliver instant, intimate, frictionless value on a large scale.

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Doing Agile Right

by Darrell Rigby, Sarah Elk & Steve Berez

Agile is a means to the end of a high-performance, innovative operation. This book is the must-have guide for  organizations trying to make the transition - and for those already there, a way to avoid or recover from its potential pitfalls.

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Radical Management

by Steve Denning

Management today is in need of a radical makeover - existing practices are not adequate to meet the needs of the modern high-speed world, and to support todays workforce who are motivated by an inspiring leadership.

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Coaching Agile Teams

by Lyssa Adkins

These are the perfect moments for a coach to make a point and for others to learn from it.” This book is able to teach  numerous, practical things in each chapter. This book is a great source of coaching material.

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Scaling Lean & Agile Development 

by Craig Larman & Bas Vodde

A successful enterprise transformation to large-scale lean or agile product development: the thinking tools and organizational redesign tools necessary to lay the foundation for new practices. Without leadership it is difficult to succeed with applying the practices.

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The Fearless Organization

by Amy Edmondson 

This book delves into psychological safety and how the workplace can become an environment in which everyone feels confident enough to pitch in and do their best. These blinks explain why people hold back on sharing their ideas at work, how this harms businesses, and how leaders can encourage a culture of openness.

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The Phoenix Project

by Gene Kim, Kevin Behr & George Spafford 

This book explores how integrating the Development and IT Operations teams of a company’s IT department can improve communication, accelerate workflow, and increase value. It uses a fictional lens to unpack a common real-life scenario and helps visualize how DevOps can enable organizations to adapt to changes.

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Reinventing Organizations

by Frederic Laloux

Frederic Laloux introduces the concepts and practices of a new generation of organizations that have made the leap to operate in a more soulful, purposeful, and productive way, thus allowing people to do productive and meaningful work, develop their talents/potential and fulfill their

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Human Factors

Bridging the communication Gap

by Gojko Adzic

A book about improving communication between customers, business analysts, developers and testers on software projects, especially by using specification by example and agile acceptance testing -   can significantly improve the chances of success of a software project.

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Agile People Picturebook

by Pia-Maria Thoren, Nico & Elsa Simpson

A straightforward book in the way it is written, full of easy to grasp concepts, concrete examples and real-life experiences. And while you read it, you really wonder why is HR not working this way already?

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by Gary Hamel & Michele Zanini

Drawing on more than a decade of research and packed with practical examples, Humanocracy lays out a detailed blueprint for creating organizations that are as inspired and ingenious as the human beings inside them.

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The Culture Map

by Erin Meyer

A framework for handling intercultural differences in business, and in doing so improves our ability to react to certain behaviors that might have once seemed strange,  avoiding misunderstandings and maintaining conflict-free communication.

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Leadership is a Language

by L. David Marquet

Written by a former US Navy captain, it teaches leaders how they can change their language and mindsets in order to improve decision-making, empower workers, and achieve better results.

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Turn the Ship Around

by L. David Marquet

The story of how one United States Navy captain managed to turn a dissatisfied submarine crew into a formidable and respected team. "Leadership should mean giving control rather than taking control."

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Social Intelligence

by Daniel Goleman

Understanding how social intelligence works isn’t just fascinating in its own right, as psychologists and neuroscientists are now realizing, it can also help us create happier and less stressful societies.

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When More is not Better

by Roger L. Martin

Drawing from hard economic data and in-depth interviews with “regular Americans,” Roger Martin makes a persuasive case for rethinking perceived wisdom about the economy. Policy makers and business leaders will want to take note.

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The Five Dyfunctions of a Team

by Patrick Lencioni

Taking your team from good to great, you need to rethink the assumptions and mental models that are keeping you stuck at good. New and more powerful ways of thinking about teams make new avenues and opportunities clearer.

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Understand to be Understood

by Gerard Collignon & Pascal Legrand

A book for anyone who seeks an improvement about coaching techniques, and be able to develop skills in: self-knowledge and self-awareness; self-management; knowledge and awareness of others, and relationship management.

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The Ideal Team Player

by Patrick Lencioni

This book explores the role teamwork plays in today’s business environment and shows you how to build a team geared for success. Is also explains what makes a good team player, how to find them and which strategies you’ll need to build a company based on teamwork.

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Can you hear me now?

by Jesse Fewell

Just about everyone interacts with people outside their own office. Certainly, there are benefits. This book offers offering actionable tips and insights on working in a virtual environment. 

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The End of Competitive Advantage

by Rita McGrath

The book serves as a ‘playbook’ for strategy that is based on updated assumptions about how the world works, and shows how some of the world’s most successful companies use this method to compete and to win.

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The Wardley Maps

by Simon Wardley

"This is the story of my journey, from a bumbling and confused CEO lost in the headlights of change to having a vague idea of what I was doing" (Simon Wardley).

A book about the process of developing a strategic mapping tool known as a "Wardley Map."

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Dynamic Capabilities

by Constance E. Helfast

To survive under conditions of change, firms must develop the “dynamic capabilities” to create, extend, and modify the ways in which they operate. The  capacity of an Organization to create, extend, or modify its resource base is vital.

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Estratégia e Competitividade

by Luís Cardoso

This portuguese book has the purpose to present the strategies that must be developed and the competitive factors for the economy and for companies of the XXI century. 

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From Incremental to Exponential

by Vivek Wadhwa, Ismail Amla & Salkever

Based on decades of experience working with both the world's leading brands and disruptive start-ups, this book explores the opportunity legacy companies have to create new markets, supercharge growth, and remake their businesses by combining the mindset and tools of start-ups with the benefits of incumbency.

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Seeing Around Corners

by Rita McGrath

"Snow melts from the edges". The changes that are going to fundamentally influence the future of your business are brewing on the periphery. To avoid being taken by surprise by an inflection point, you need to be exposed to what is happening at the edges - you do not need to be a CEO to see how an inflection is likely to unfold.

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The Lean Startup

by Eric Ries

The Lean Startup (2011) helps start-ups and tech companies develop sustainable business models. It advocates continuous rapid prototyping and focusing on customer-feedback data. The method is based on the concepts of lean manufacturing and agile development, and its efficacy is backed up by case studies from the last few decades.

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The Flow System

by John Turner, Nigel Thurlow & Brian Rivera 

The Flow System enables business growth through eliminating non-value-added activities, fostering an environment for innovation, enabling the rapid delivery of value, and shortening the time to market. 

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Tools and Practices

Essential Kanban Condensed 

by Andy Carmichael and David J. Anderson

This book provides a distillation of Kanban, of what it is and how it can be used. This brief overview introduces all the principal concepts and guidelines in Kanban and points you to where you can find out more. Essential Kanban Condensed is a great resource to get started or continue exploring ideas for evolutionary change and improvement in business agility.

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The DevOps Handbook

by Gene Kim, Jez Humble, Patrick Debois & John Willis

The DevOps Handbook is one of the most important DevOps books on the market. It combines the most important DevOps ideas, examples from known companies, and best practices. It does not have any code so it is an ideal book for non-technical readers that would like to know what their teams are talking about.

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From Project to Product

by Mik Kersten

In the Age of Software, will your business dominate and maintain relevance - or will it become a digital relic? As tech giants and startups disrupt every market, those who master large-scale software delivery will define the economic landscape of the 21st century, just as the masters of mass production defined the landscape in the 20th.

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by Jeff Sutherland

Learn all about Scrum, the project management system that has revolutionized the technology industry. This is a uniquely adaptive, flexible system that allows teams to plan realistically and adjust their goals through constant feedback. By using Scrum, your team can improve their productivity (and the final result) without creating needless stress or working longer hours.

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