Hugo Lourenço

Hugo Lourenço is the founder of Experience Agile® and DevOps Forum, Agile Human Factors ®, World Agility Forum ®, Agile21®, and Agile Thinkers Academy ®. Hugo is an Entrepreneur in several businesses and his main focus is to understand how companies are coming up with better ways of working and how to improve their business outcomes for their employees and customers. 

Hugo is motivated by his values and getting his opinion recognized, perfectionist and creative as well a strong believer in a better outcome from people's work, although he has a strong need for personal (people) trust/honest/transparent relationships and also doesn’t expect less than perfection from others too. Hugo was a marine and he is mission-oriented, if your business, department, or team is in danger or needs to be rescued, this is the right mission for Hugo and his international team.

The experience of working closely with the leaders of many of the brands that have already started this "Enterprise Agility” process outside Portugal, has made it clear that the company's to get ready for an "unpredictable future" should seek to rationalise the portfolio of legacy products, create high-performance teaming, understand why they do what they do, and their impact on the new operating model. Hugo team will guide you to organizational design & a new way of working, and that will emerge psychological safety, emergent leadership, and new business models through sustainable processes. 

He collaborates as a guest lecturer in some national and international business schools has a presence in the North American, and European markets.

Skills: Cynefin,Product Management, Project Management, Business Agility, Agile Coaching & Facilitation, Scrum Professional, High-Performance Teaming, Emergent Leadership, Design Thinking, Human Factors, Risk Manager, IT Governance and Service Manager. 

Accreditations:  Accredited Kanban Consultant (AKC), Kanban Trainer, DevOps Trainer, Scrum@Scale Trainer, SAFe Trainer, Registered Scrum Trainer by ScrumInc

Expertise in business areas: Defence, Healthcare, IT, Telecom, Bank and Insurance, Utilities.  

Academies by HugoKanban Academy  DevOps Academy  Scrum Academy  Business Agility Foundations  Leading SAFe

The speaker can deliver courses in EN/PT/SP

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