Tools, Techniques and Cheat Sheets

Toolkits Available

Corporate Toolkit

Because knowing your customers is extremely important to you and to your organization, here you can find tools for knowing them and also for you to know more about yourself. 

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Forms and Checklists Toolkit 

These different PDFs take a part in different topics, such as the preparation and coaching agreements, interviews, discovery of clients and personal information.

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Strategy & Planning Toolkit

Strategy and Planning skills that an organization has is vital for its success. These are resources about goals and its commitment, and also about healthy dauly habits and the tracking of those.

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Coaching Toolkit  

Complement your coaching training with exercises and forms that can provide guidance in uncertain times. These resources contain powerful questions, ethical standards and the wheel of life exercise.

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The Human Side of Agile

Beginners Toolkit

For people who are taking the first steps with an agile transformation or are starting to get to know Agile, we give you resources to help you think. From helping you know how agile you are to cheat sheets for meetings and retrospective moments.

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Intermediate Toolkit

The purpose of these files is to inspire practitioners to motivate others to do the best on their work, and to prepare the best way possible to Change.

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Advanced Toolkit

For experts and team leaders that want to store more knowledge about evolution of agile teams and the creation of condictions for team successes.

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