Mónica Lopes da Silva

Mónica Lopes da Silva is a persons lover. Her main objective is to help people to evolve in a sense of greater congruence with themselves and with the environment that surrounds them, combining efficiency and effectiveness in all areas of each person's life.

A great advocate of transparency and better communication, Mónica applies her analytical and observation skills to help the development of people in order to be more Lean and Agile and so facilitate the transformation that your organization in the same direction. This can be achieved by asking the right questions and letting the others learn by doing, developing a sense of consciousness and critical perspective, complemented by a capacity for communication, organization and implementation.

With Mónica’s extensive knowledge, experience and skills, this is an example of what you can get:

  • With her approach, you’ll have adapted solutions for each of your organizational pains, always with a great focus on creating value and sustainable wellbeing.
  • She gets things done. She makes it work. She’s got a proven ability to lead projects successfully.
  • She loves to help others to turn problems into possibilities, and she’s constantly thinking of new ways to give the necessary independence to identify and solve issues that are inhibiting greater success in individuals and companies. Eradicate the frustration, wasted time and money from your organization and become leaner and more agile, all of this with a human touch.

Her work aims to empower businesses and individuals with the ability to make better conscious strategic decisions, deploying them to the everyday life to enable the entire organizations to think differently, achieve success and wellbeing in this ever-changing world.

Her aim is to make people communicate and work differently with more transparency and trust, and through what they see, feel and do, enable them to perceive a new way of acting and facing the difficulties that may arise assuring a long term success. Her goal is to offer insights, roadmaps, tools, and coaching. Her mindset is always to solve the root problems, and to “teach to fish” towards a sustainable transformation. 

Expertise in business areas: Quality, Training, Human Factors, Project Management, in industries such as, TelCo & Software Development, IT Services and Data Analytic

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