What is the Kanban Maturity Model

Based on more than ten years of research, the Kanban Maturity Model was designed to map Kanban practices to different cultural values and business outcomes. It illustrates the six levels of organizational maturity to create a map for resilience, reinvention, and customer satisfaction.

What can the KMM do for you? 

  The model helps prevent the two failure modes in Kanban implementations: overreaching causing an aborted start, and false summit plateaus causing failure to realize the full benefit.

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Benefits of the KMM

  • Eliminate poor decision making: The KMM helps managers and teams to avoid making poor decisions that lead to negative effects on services, workers, and customers;
  • Become fit for purpose: The KMM guides organizations towards fit-for purpose products and services with appropriate exposure to risk and reasonable economic returns;
  • Create a common understanding of purpose: Visualize possible outcomes, see next steps, and understand the culture of an organization to identify where you are as an organization and where you want to go.