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High Performance Teaming Challenge

The   High Performance Teaming Challenge  is part of a wide event agenda brought to you by  The Agile Thinkers

It has the goal to promote and teach new ways of working that develop teamwork skills such as planning, debriefing, creativity and communication. 

Registrations are open! 

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At Agile Thinkers Academy you find all the major and most representative worldwide certifications

Agile Thinkers is the proud organizer of: 


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Lean - Agile Procurement

 23 | 24 | 25 January



Staying competitive was never as difficult as today!

We all need to improve how we find new internal & external partners, services and/or products. 

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DevOps Foundation (DOFD)®  

 09 | 10 | 11 | 12 January



The DevOps Foundation certification validates a baseline understanding of key DevOps terminology, concepts, and practices.s.

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Kanban System Design (KSD)


 14 | 15 | 16 | 17 March



The Kanban Systems Design - KSD lays the foundations of the Lean Kanban method teaching you the principles, practices and processes. This 4 half-day online course is certified by Kanban University and has been put together by Kanban expert and leader Hugo Lourenço.

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Our programs leverage a range of highly dynamic teaching methodologies, including cohort assignments, class lectures, exercises, and case studies.

Develop your skills to create more value and realize more benefits in times of change.

What Makes an Organization Agile? 


By registering in one of our academies you will get access to a digital library with self-study materials. You will also be invited to to join our Slack community where we will be sharing exclusive content such as:

- Masterclasses;                 - Reading Suggestions;

- Webinars;                         - Mentoring Sessions;        

- Case Studies;                   - XA Week Content;

- Giveaways;                        - Agile Employment.

Share experiences, tips, and other insightful knowledge with a community of Agile practitioners.

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Stories of Success

Every year hundreds of students choose The Agile Thinkers Academy to invest in their future. Get to know some of the their stories.

Pedro Nande

Agile Coach at Miniclip

“We have relied on The Agile Thinkers Academy insightful, world-class training in business and team agility-related topics, to accelerate our learning, inspire experimentation, and adapt our practices towards achieving better business outcomes.”

Luís Conceição

Head of Product Development at Thales

“The Agile Thinkers Academy has proven to be the right partner to support us on the improvement of agile practices through coaching, training & workshops that successfully fostered our organization agility."

Sara Rocha

Training Human Resources at Natixis

“The Agile Thinkers Academy is an excellent partner, both in terms of service and quick response, as well as in delivering a great service led by highly competent professionals.”

Rui Rodrigues

CIO at Bial

“The participation of all our teams in training built according to our needs, was an inspiring and transformational moment for everyone.”

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We provide Agile Training for your Business

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