Gonçalo Pereira

Gonçalo Pereira is a practitioner of New Ways of working, and ways for improving results, that can make a vital catalyst for transformation and value creation.

With Gonçalo’s extensive knowledge, experience and skills, he can provide the help that you need with his way of always thinking differently about processes, and with the focus on the right things, you can find innovative approaches to problems sustained by Agile practices that can increase your outcome.

He is passionate about helping others be the best version of themselves, and their work reflect who they are. His work as Scrum Master and Delivery Manager aims to aid individuals and teams with providing the right tools to a better decision making and flow.


The experience of working closely with the leaders of many of the brands that have already started this "Enterprise Agility” process outside

By practicing Shotokan Karate for over 18 years, Gonçalo became a disciplined, resilient, and dedicated person by improving focus and concentration in a constant fight to perfection. Transmitting values such as Finesse, Sincerity, Effort, Etiquette and Self Control in everything he has accomplished helped him be the professional he is today.

Recent experiences within the digital world enhanced his team facilitation skills, collaboration, followed by a set of tools and techniques that he gathers over the last three years of experience. Gonçalo’s passion in the Agile World and is achieving the Agile Thinker mindset. Gonçalo can be a game changer in facilitation of a team to improve their outcomes.

Skills:  Management, Decision Making, Cynefin and Evolution, Kanban Professional, Certified SAFe Agilist

Expertise in business areas: Customer Service, Management and Marketing, in industries like the Aviation, Manufactory, Accounting among others.

Academies by Gonçalo: Business Agility Foundations Agile Fundamentals  

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