Agility in Leadership (CAL-E) and Agility in Organizations (CAL-O)

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Agility in Leadership (CAL E) and Agility in Organizations (CAL O) Workshop


What will you receive:

  • Highly Experienced AgileTrainer
  • A Practice-Based Experience
  • Scrum Alliance certification
  • Course materials
  • Access to exclusive Agile Thinkers Academy Digital library
  • Agile Thinkers Academy Slack community
  • Agile Thinkers Academy Certificate of Attendance

Attendees will receive the Certification Credential:

This workshop follows the learning objectives and meets the credentials for Agile Leadership Journey Aware Leader Credentials and the Scrum Alliance Certified Agile Leadership Essentials (CAL-E) Credentials and Certified Agile Leadership for Organizations (CAL-O) .

PMI Professional Development Units (PDU)

Attendees may be eligible to apply for PDU towards their continuing education requirements with PMI


The Leadership Compass

Agile organizations require agile leaders. Therefore, we focus first on developing new thinking and behaviors in the leaders who are then more capable of demonstrating the agile values and co-creating effective change within the organization - leading towards more resilient and effective organizations.

This workshop focuses on the top half of the compass: agile leadership thinking and behaviors and aligns to the Scrum Alliance Certified Agile Leadership (CAL) E Credential.

Our Workshop Experience

The class is facilitated by the founder of the Agile Leadership Journey, Pete Behrens, and is designed for experienced agile leaders seeking to enable broader organizational agility as well as trainers and coaches seeking to add a leadership curriculum into their portfolio. Thus, this workshop is designed for experienced agile leaders, trainers and coaches.

Graphically Facilitated (No Powerpoint!)

This workshop is 100% graphically facilitated with high-engagement sessions providing a rich learning experience through reading, playing, experimenting, practicing, reflecting and journaling to understand the dynamics of agile leadership; recognize your own leadership patterns and biases; and help develop and improve practical agile leadership skills and strategies to improve a leader’s own —and their organization’s — performance."This wasn't training, it was an experience. We were never taught at, we were engaged in a learning experience in which we both participated and contributed. I have never been so engaged for two and a half days."

Course Audience

This unique workshop is designed specifically for senior leaders, agile/change transformation leaders and trainers and coaches.

Our goal is not to create great agile organizations. Rather, our goal is to improve organizational effectiveness by developing more adaptive leaders and organizations. The focus of this workshop is guided by the Agile Leadership Compass and is delivered across five distinct learning modules focused on developing agile leaders to foster healthy organizations and improve business outcomes.


This course does not have any pre-requisites.

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Date & Time
September 27, 2023
Start - 4:00 AM
September 28, 2023
End - 12:00 PM Europe/Lisbon

Fundação Oriente, Museu do Oriente

Edificio Pedro Álvares Cabral - Doca de Alcântara Norte
Lisboa 1350-352
--Fundação Oriente, Museu do Oriente--
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