DevSecOps Foundation - DSOF®

As companies deploy code faster and more often than ever, new vulnerabilities are also accelerating. When the boss says, “Do more with less”, DevOps practices adds business and security value as an integral, strategic component. Delivering development, security, and operations at the speed of business should be an essential component for any modern enterprise.

Trainer: Nuno Marques


This course explains how DevOps security practices differ from other approaches then delivers the education needed to apply changes to your organization. Participants learn the purpose, benefits, concepts, vocabulary and applications of DevSecOps.

Most importantly, students learn how DevSecOps roles fit with a DevOps culture and organization. At the course’s end, participants will understand “security as code” to make security and compliance value consumable as a service.


The target audience for the DevSecOps Foundation course are professionals including:

  • Anyone involved or interested in learning about DevSecOps strategies and automation;
  • Anyone involved in Continuous Delivery toolchain architectures;
  • Compliance Team, Business managers, Delivery Staff, DevOps Engineers, IT Managers, IT Security Professionals, Practitioners, and Managers;
  • Maintenance and support staff;
  • Managed Service Providers;
  • Project & Product Managers;
  • Quality Assurance Teams;
  • Release Managers;
  • Scrum Masters;
  • Site Reliability Engineers;
  • Software Engineers, Testers.


Successfully passing (65%) the 60-minute examination, consisting of 40 multiple-choice questions, leads to the candidate’s designation as DevSecOps Foundation (DSOF) certified. The certification is governed and maintained by DevOps Institute.

With this course you will have an Agile Thinkers Academy certificate of attendance and you'll become a member of our online Community.



 LEARN REMOTELY Join a class from anywhere

 FRAMEWORK-NEUTRAL Explore beyond the limitations of a single agile framework

 MINIMUM OF 16 HOURS TO COMPLETE Timing varies by class

 PREREQUISITES Participants should have baseline knowledge and understanding of common DevOps definitions and principles. We recommend after attending the DevOps Kick Off Academy. 




  • The purpose, benefits, concepts, and vocabulary of DevSecOps;
  • How DevOps security practices differ from other security approaches;
  • Business-driven security strategies and Best Practices;
  • Understanding and applying data and security sciences;
  • Integrating corporate stakeholders into DevSecOps Practices;
  • Enhancing communication between Dev, Sec, and Ops teams;
  • How DevSecOps roles fit with a DevOps culture and organization.

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