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Continuous Testing Foundation

Continuous Testing enables faster, higher quality releases and reduced costs by seamlessly integrating into the Continuous Delivery process to identify and address risks at all stages of the development pipeline thereby minimizing business risk and impact on customers. 

Trainer: Nuno Marques

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To maintain the highest quality learning for our community, DevOps Institute Certifications expire two years from the date of completion. Members can maintain their certification by participating in the Continuing Education Program and earning Continuing Education Units through participation in learning opportunities.


  • Developers and QA career growth toward DevOps and digital transformation opportunities;
  • Skills gained positions individuals as DevOps leaders because specific test engineering skills are key to success with DevOps.


Successfully passing (65%) the 60-minute examination, consisting of 40 multiple-choice questions, leads to the candidate’s designation as Continuous Testing Foundation (CTF) certified. The certification is governed and maintained by DevOps Institute.

With this course you will have an Agile Thinkers Academy certificate of attendance and you'll become a member of our online Community.



 LEARN REMOTELY Join a class from anywhere

 FRAMEWORK-NEUTRAL Explore beyond the limitations of a single agile framework

 MINIMUM OF 16 HOURS TO COMPLETE Timing varies by class

 PREREQUISITES Participants should have baseline knowledge and understanding of common DevOps definitions and principles. We recommend after attending the DevOps Foundation - Beginner Academy. 




  • DevOps Continuous Testing Concepts, Terminology, and Benefits;
  • DevOps Continuous Testing and Culture;
  • DevOps Continuous Testing Strategies;
  • DevOps Continuous Testing Frameworks and Tools;
  • DevOps Test Planning Best Practices;
  • DevOps Test Automation Best Practices;
  • DevOps Test Management and Analysis Best Practices;
  • Defining a DevOps Test Strategy.

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