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Kanban for Design and Innovation

Gain insights into visualizing tasks, managing backlogs, and promoting a culture of continuous improvement. Optimize productivity and drive innovation outcomes in your design projects.

Trainer: Hugo Lourenço

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Stop starting, start finishing!

Left yields to right. Limit work in the system to available capacity. Data-driven.


Show work and its flow.

Visualize risks.

Build a visual model that reflects how you work.


Flow is the movement of work. Manage flow to be smooth and predictable.

Use data


Establish feedback loops at an appropriate cadence.

Foster collaboration, learning, and improvements.

Who is this course for?

This course is suited for those who want to acquire solid knowledge about the core of the Kanban method, and want to improve upstream Kanban systems. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Managers and team members who want to get more out of their current Kanban system;
  • Product Owners, Business Analysts, anyone in the role of SRM or a Design and Innovation role;
  • Project Managers – to further their knowledge and application of upstream systems.

Required: Kanban System Design

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What are the outcomes?

  • Learn how to scale Kanban wider across an enterprise.
  • Understand options and how this thinking helps to maximize value.
  • Learn techniques and approaches to actively manage incoming work.
  • Apply evolutionary change thinking when leading improvement in organizations.
  • Engage stakeholders from different organizational levels and departments in idea generation and decision making through pragmatic approaches.
  • Establish an Upstream Kanban system.
  • Apply Kanban practices upstream in order to establish a balance between the preparation and execution of options.

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16 hours

4 sessions




Included, no exam required


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The course follows the official KU Certified Kanban syllabus.  This course is accredited by Kanban University (KU). Participants will receive a KDI certificate of course completion from Kanban University as well as membership of KU.

With this course you will have an Agile Thinkers Academy certificate of attendance and you'll become a member of our online Community.



 LEARN REMOTELY Join a class from anywhere

 FRAMEWORK-NEUTRAL Explore beyond the limitations of a single agile framework

 MINIMUM OF 16 HOURS TO COMPLETE Timing varies by class

Prior attendance in the Kanban System Design class is strongly recommended.




  • This course can substitute the Kanban System Improvement course to obtain the Kanban Management Professional credential
  • If you already completed the Kanban System Design and the Kanban System Improvement courses, you just need to attend 8h of this course. If this is your case, please contact us to proceed with the registration.

Team Kanban 
Foundation Level

It is designed to introduce you the principles of Kanban and equips you with essential knowledge and skills in implementing Kanban principles and practices within their teams.

Course needed for this certification:

Team Kanban Practitioner

Kanban Management
Intermediate Level

 The Kanban Management Professional Certificate is a recognized credential that demonstrates advanced knowledge and expertise in applying Kanban principles at the organizational level.

Courses needed for this certification

Kanban System Design


Kanban Systems Improvement

- OR -

Kanban for Design & Innovation

Kanban Coaching
Coaching Level

The KCP is an advanced-level credential. With KCP you'll fully understand and master the Kanban Maturity Model and Kanban Coaching. You'll have the skill to lead and evolve an organization to higher levels of maturity.

Courses needed for this certification

Kanban Maturity Model


Kanban Coaching

Our programs leverage a range of highly dynamic teaching methodologies, including cohort assignments, class lectures, exercises and case studies, all aimed at improving your skills as an agent of change.

These teaching methods have been strategically combined to foster an optimal learning environment.

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