António Melo

António Fontes de Melo is a Lean and Agile Coach with over 5 years of experience, is a transformational agent with focus in user experience and innovation, passionate about disruption, someone who enjoys new challenges related with digital transformation and environments willing to change. Energetic and combative in the pursuit of results and achieving goals, never giving up!

Senior IT Project Manager with more than 30 years of experience in several industries which allowed him to learn the best practices of each industry, namely: Banking, Insurance, Government and Public Administration. Invests his time in studying and diving deeply into the topics that he is involved with. An enthusiast for technology and innovation. Above all, what he loves the most is relationships with people, sharing what he has learned with the good and bad experiences, inspiring people and teams to achieve their dreams throughout their talent, follows Agile and Kaizen Lean way.

With António’s extensive knowledge, experience and skills, this is an example of what you can get:

  • Contribute to the transformation process of the Business Agility domain by acting on a set of organizational capabilities, behaviors and ways of working, across the organizational system, enabling organizations to seize emerging and unforeseen opportunities for their customers' benefit, in the context of a VUCA world (Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexit, Ambiguity).
  • Helping in the constitution, training and coaching of autonomous, multidisciplinary, high- performance teams focused on customer satisfaction, enhancing the talent and knowledge of each person in the team, enabling everyone to be true leaders by example, to increase the value each person brings to organization.
  • His coaching can become a powerful instrument, allowing the exploration of new perspectives and possibilities in different situations and contexts, also enabling the development of new approaches, plans, strategies and actions in accordance with the personal and professional goals defined, establishing with its coachees a partnership, based on trust, mutual respect and confidentiality regarding the ICF code of ethics.

António’s professional experience includes expertise in areas like Individual Coach, Team Coach, Agile, Lean, Project Management, IT Consultant, Business Analyst, Programmer, Customer Service, Procurement and Security.

In the last 2 years António has acted as Agile Coach of Digital LAB, in CGD's Digital Transformation Programme, in the development of an Omnichannel solution for negotiating and contracting credit products for Enterprises. He followed a great diversity of teams, adopting methodologies and frameworks such as Double Diamond Design Thinking, Kanban, Scrum, Scrum@scale and Nexus.

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